Steam Cleaning

Thanks to the steam cleaning function it is now easier to clean up oils and stubborn dirt. By adding small amount of water in the oven, the oil and dirt inside the oven will soften and can easily be cleaned with a single damp cloth.

Double Grill

Energy saving is now easier thanks to the 2-piece grill! While the inside and outside of the Grill can work at the same time, frying less quantıty of food is now easier and safer

Non-burning LOW-E Full Glass

For Rank, energy saving is always a priority. Because of this, heat-proof LOW-E glass is used on all oven inner windows, which makes it more economical to cook and also prevents the danger of hand burning, especially for children.

Removable Glass Oven Door

The cleaning of the ovens is now as easy and practical as cooking, thanks to the easily removable and cleanable full interior glass door system. You just decide what to cook, do not worry about cleaning your oven .... 

Catalytic Cleaning

Because of the back wall feature of the Rank catalytic ovens, grease and dirt particles adhere to the enamel surface and burn due to the temperature inside the oven during cooking. Thus, the back surface of the oven is self-cleaning without needing to touch the hand, and the smell of the cooked meals is filtered to reduce the mixing of the smells

Easily Cleanable Gray Enamel

Rank's new gray oven enamel makes it easier to use than traditional black oven enamles. Now the inside of your oven is much brighter and cleaning is much easier! Enamel raw materials as well as color make cleaning easier

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